NC's Outer Banks:
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...where the New World began.

          Welcome to NC's Outer Banks: A National Historical Treasure. The purpose of this web site is to display the historical landmarks of North Carolina's Outer Banks through original detailed photography, poetry, and rich historical text. The viewer can experience a Virtual Tour of North Carolina's Outer Banks' historical landmarks, an intriguing and engaging area of the United States. It is my hope that each visitor will come away from this site with a positive, knowledgeable, and holistic impression of NC's Outer Banks. I hope to pass on an appreciation for this unique area, where the New World began. Please enjoy your visit, and come back again as often as you like.

          In order to facilitate your tour of these hisorical landmarks I have placed a globe icon on all of the pages on this site with the exception of the Gallery Pages. Click the globe icon to see an enlarged map of the North Carolina's Outer Banks. This map was hand drawn by Ann Sader and displays the location of many of the historical landmarks you will be visiting.

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Ocean and Seagulls Animated by Angel of Angel of Gifts

"I Went to the Ocean..."

I went to the ocean, questions on my mind...
The ocean replied kindly, "An answer you'll find."
"I'm unique, and I'm special, I'm one of a kind,
I'm beautiful, I'm sturdy, dependable and true...
and haven't you noticed? You're all these things too."

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Click on the Globe Icon to View a Map of the Outer Banks by Ann Sader.

Map of the Outer Banks by Ann Sader

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