NC's Outer Banks:
A National Historical Treasure

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...where the New World began.

          There are endless miles of untouched beach and sand dunes along North Carolina's Outer Banks. Unspoiled beauty that is amazing to see. Never before had I seen such a beautiful coastal area as that of North Carolina's Outer Banks. It is still fresh and clean, and allows one to feel very close to nature.

Sunrise over the ocean at Corolla, NC August 8, 2000
Sunrise over the ocean at Corolla, NC August 8, 2000


I wonder as I wander Ocean
near the precious blue green sea,
The clear blue sky above me,
the sand beneath my feet.
"Where am I?" I wonder, in this
beautifully created scheme.
Since I have no answer, I'll just say,
"I'm somewhere in-between."

The smell of salt, the sound of gulls, the nearby rushing waves,
render me without a care while upon this scene I gaze.
The Ocean tugs away the sand that holds beneath my feet,
and all that I can say to this, is, "I'm somewhere in-between."

Ocean The beauty of this place, you see,
is something like a dream,
the hours can pass, the light grows dim,
and I'm still there in-between.
Even when I leave this place, a part of me still stays.
My memories of days gone by, lend me often in a daze.

But in-between is where I am, and in-between I'll stay,
until I return from toil and strife, and things of this worldly life,
to the blue green sea, the sand, the salt, and the gentle breeze serene,
and then again you'll find me there, completely in-between.

Copyright Janice I Magro

Map of the Outer Banks by Ann Sader

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